Organisation: Dumbledore’s Army RGU

Started: January 2018

Finished: January 2018


The previous website for the society looked slightly dated and did not match the new branding across the societies social media channels so with this in mind I worked on rebranding the website using ( being the web hosting platform used previously by the society). Wix was used as it allows the site to be edited with ease which is crucial for a society as committee roles can change every year, thus eliminating the need to train a new web developer in full.

The new website featured side scrolling on the home page to help ease navigation and name important information feature from a users first point of contact with the site. Social media channel links feature as a header so they feature on all pages.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 13.12.13The website also features wix event creation which allows each of the societies events to be featured on the events page which link to the corresponding Facebook event. This was added to help with the user decision/purchase journey.

The new website is also more visual than the previous version. With text being used only for the most important information to to further explain a section of the site.

The website also has a mobile version for smart devices. The mobile version follows a similar layout however has more navigation as some desktop features are not available for mobile devices.

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