When it comes to figuring out what to post on our social media channels it can feel like a chore. We’ve all felt those thoughts of doom but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that. I’m here to tell you that figuring out what to post can be made easy and all it takes is trying out the solutions below.

Looking at Google Trends

Google is a powerhouse of knowledge. It exists purely to help users around the world find the information that they need including businesses. Their Trends site is the perfect place for businesses to look at the popularity of search terms and topics both across regions and languages. You can also see what times of year topics are most popular allowing you to plan your content accordingly to maximise performance.

So how does it help you find ideas?

By searching for topics around your industry or niche area, you can see related searches and themes people in a region are looking at. You can then take this knowledge and come up with ideas on how you can match those queries and solve their problems.

A similar tool is answer the public which gives you a list of questions, search terms and related topics that audiences around the world looking for.

Looking at Platform/Channel Trends

Similar to Google Trends you can use observations on your choosen social media platforms to inspire ideas.

This trick can work wonders on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok as you can take note of what sounds/hashtags people are using and what they are doing within their posts to match it. You can also use your own posts and look at what has performed better than others and focus your attention on creating content around those posts.

I did this recently when creating my latest content batch. I looked at what posts had been saved and engaged with most and what I was noticing on hashtags to inform not only my next 4 week content cycle but to redefine my content themes/pillars.

Analysing Your competitors

I have said it before and I will say it again. COMPETITORS ARE A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION!

Knowing what your competitors are posting and why can be super valuable when it comes to finding ideas. No body is perfect and there may be times when you are missing a talked about topic without you even knowing it. You may even be missing some pain points that your audience is facing. So looking at your competitors and using what they are doing may help you to understand those pain points and missed topics. They may also help you to notice areas that they aren’t covering that you feel you can add real value to and match an audiences problem.

Just whatever inspiration you take please don’t simply copy and paste content. Instead take that idea and add your own flavor to it.

Asking Your Audience

Who knows what your audience are looking for better than themselves? No one. So don’t be afraid to ask them what they want to see from you, what problems they have or what they want to see more or less off.

I remember studing my Masters degree and the topic of tailoring content and getting reviews came up. Everyone had ideas about how to find content but it wasn’t until a friend of mine in the class said that she actively asked her audience to leave her reviews and post ideas that we all realised that that key point was something we had all missed. We forgot about the audience.

Asking your audience these questions can also have additional benefits. They can be left feeling valued and a part of the relationship that they have with you, they can be more willing to engage and speak to you. They will feel heard. They may also feel more inclined to buy what you offer especially if you have took their suggestions and made content that matched them.

Which is what the whole purpose of doing all the work is for right?

Finding ideas for content doesn’t have to be a chore. If you need a helping hand in figuring out how to find, create and tailor content for your audience get in touch.

My content coordination package starts at £100 a month. You can learn more here: Consultancy

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