You see it everyday motiviational quotes or sayings that people say they live by; a motto of sorts. So today I am going to talk about mine and how it is one that I live by.  I know this is a rather unusual topic but sometimes you need the unusual.

Regardless of warnings.

My motto appeared to me in my teens and alongside my SheMustBe brand it has been the only thing that’s stood the test of time as part of my FB bio. It’s a quote that is not hugely motivational. it doesn’t tell you to just do it or that everyday is a new day. It’s not cliche. It stands on its own. Both as a descriptive way to describe how I try to live my life and as a way to indicate my love for music. The quote is a song lyric afterall.

It says that I am willing (with some exceptions) to try things even if it come with a warning. It says that regardless on someone else’s thoughts on who I am you should get to know me. Afterall in the words of the Dr Pepper adverts ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’. You try something, it’s not for you, you move on.

Side Note: Like everyone I have my fears and doubts on stuff but justified in the right way and I will try things.

In my life it’s lead me to actually make decisions in my life. Regardless the warnings of more student loan debt and no confirmation of what it would mean for my job aspects, I went back to uni. Regardless of warnings about lack of digital aspirations, I moved somewhere new. Regardless the warnings and fears for the future, I live each day to the best of my abilities.  Regardless of warnings I am me.

Harry Potter may have helped me in aspects of my career but this quote has made its mark on me.

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