This blog is not about the life of a freelancer or a one man business, it’s about being a one man team in a business. Before last year I had no experience in it, I was always a part of a team of people, even in my agency days. However, over the past 6 months I have had to be a one man team and so to help you on your path I thought I’d share with you some of my ever growing wisdom.

It can be frustrating

I am going to be honest it can be frustrating to be on a team of just yourself. Most of the time you have no one to bounce ideas off and when you do sometimes things get caught in translation. Especially if you are the only one with your expertise. It also can feel a bit lonely cause you can feel that no one understands the pressures you are under to do everything and more.


Make an impact

Now this one I am still working on, it’s a constant cycle. When you (or your boss etc) are trying to justify your worth in an organisation, your impact leaves a mark. It can be a small thing, like changing from inhouse communications from email to a slack etc., or a big thing, like rebranding a product but it’s what will make people understand your place. It’s benefit of being a one man team, its daunting but you feel a sense of value when your efforts have paid off in a big way. Be warned though once you have made an impact you have to keep going.


Relationships are important

This wisdom isn’t just for being a one man team I admit but it is very important for those of us who are in one. It combats (to a degree) to loneliness that you can feel. After your boss/line manager other team heads are a great starting source. They will be the ones who you will probably talk to most in the organisation, however they will also understand some of your thoughts and fears and are true sources of understanding your value in the workplace if you get them on your side.


Like animals, people smell fear

This one is mainly for the new kids on the block. The ones who have the expertise a company needs but those within the organisation are spectacle of. Being the new kid is daunting and having to live up to the expectations of those around you is terrifying. People know it and they (at times) will appear or act in a way that is intimidating.

Now most of the time it is because they know that you will bring an impact with you, a change to the status quo that they themselves fear.  So they will fight their fear with yours. It is your job to change perceptions and it’s not always going to be easy.


You will learn a lot about yourself

This is the biggest benefit and lesson I have learned through my experience. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses in ways you never expected. You will get a better understanding of how you as a person work. If you are like me and are still figuring out your path, you will figure out what it is that you love to do and you will have greater chances of showing it. You will feel your wins and losses more personally but you will learn more deeply with each one.

Do you have your own wisdom to share? Comment below.

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