So you get home from work or you have had a bad day but you wanna stay a bit switched on. You wanna keep your mind going instead of feeling like you are simply existing. We have all been there. I constantly live in that state. That is why I am going to help us all (me included) with ways on how to stay switched on even when your switched off.

Read Blogs

You have probably heard this one before but reading blogs are a great way of staying switched on with very little effort. Covering a range of subject matters you are sure to find blogs that match what you do and your interests.You can even expand your network by commenting, liking or following the blogs. Bonus they can also help you learn new things so you are always keeping up to date on what’s new.

Don’t have the patience to sit and read? Trade the books for Podcasts. In the past few months I have really go into podcasts and have used them as a way of fascinating my interest on learning greek mythology. They also helped me get back to reading books. So they are a win win for me.

Watch the latest shows/films

What better way to keep up with the workplace/social chat than to watch what everyone is watching. Plus in some cases can give you an idea on what is popular so you can make a connection to your audiences (if you work in the marketing/sales world). I once heard story of a women who owned her own pub and knew her customers so well that she knew what shows they were watching so she could promote and post content during the adverts when they were on their phones.


Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community or a charity. You can do it once a week or every day but you will be sure it will keep your brain active. It can be a common thing that you have to volunteer in what you know but for most cases you don’t, you just have to be interested in the opportunity or want to use it to further your own development. I am sure you have heard the line ‘it looks great on a CV’. It truly does.

Learn a new skill

img_20181123_160544_640It takes a lot to learn a new skill but it is rewarding and whatever skill you want to learn does not have to be in your field. It can simply be for personal and social reasons. Last year I took up crochet as a way to give myself something to do besides go on my phone when I wanted a distraction. It was also a great way of keeping my hands busy when watching tv. By taking up crochet I allowed myself to show my creativity in ways that weren’t directed at my marketing career.

My advice for learning a new skill is to also do it at your own pace that way you don’t get yourself down if life gets in the way.

Embrace the off day

Now this one may seem a bit off in regards to keeping switched on but from everything I have learned and my limited wisdom there is one thing I have learned to appreciate. That is the power of the off day. Yes people it is okay to have them. I believe it’s just our way of resetting. Plus in my experience after an off day I feel more energised, productive and switched on. Sometimes having an off day also just helps the mind process the hectic joy that is life or your job and can open it up to solving problems.


So I hope some of this has helped? Do you have your own tips to share? Let people know below.

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