Walking in to a masters is never easy, coming from a computing background I was terrified of leaving the comforts of which I knew and branching out but I am thankful that I did.

For me, the idea of doing Digital Marketing stemmed from my love for business and technology and how they can help each other. Having done a undergraduate in Business Information Systems(BIS) I wanted to branch out and learn new skills while being able to further develop skills I already had. So I did my research and stumbled across RGU’s MSc Digital Marketing and The Digital Scot. It matched what I wanted completely, it was current, innovative and unique.

How as it impacted on my life so far?

Doing my Masters has given me confidence in the skills I am developing, in previous years I was always afraid to apply for jobs during semester time but this year round its been different. I feel far more confident to the stage that I applied for a job within an Aberdeen Agency.

It not only has helped with my confidence, its allowed me to develop skills to help with my volunteering. Being a committee member of a society(Dumbledore’s Army RGU) I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to help widen the society awareness and to place my mark on its success in the future. So with every class I am applying skills I have learnt to my role as Social Media Coordinator, this has started by creating unified branding throughout our social networks. In the coming weeks I also aim to evaluate these networks and come up with a more coherent approach to our content.

In short, Digital Marketing has also opened other doors for me, even doors which I currently cannot speak about which has been amazing.

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