Social Media doesn’t have to be a dementor.

Whether it’s you or your team that’s in need in need of some light, I can get you up to date and using social media like your way.

Strategy Training

4 Week Course


Don’t be a muggle when it comes to planning your businesses social media, be a wizard. 

By taking part in strategy training you will learn how to

  • Understand your audience
  • Audit your current and future marketing efforts
  • Set goals that align with your business objectives
  • Build strategy documents

Each week will include a 1-2hr training session, worksheets and templates based on covered topics and an additional 30-minute Q&A session.

Analysis Training

3 Week Course


Want to know how your business is performing on social channels?

The right analytics can also help you understand your audience, your content and how your business is seen online.

Over the course of this training you will learn

  • Why analytics matter?
  • How to calculate metrics such as Click Through Rate and Engagement Rate
  • The definitions of basic and commonly used metrics
  • Where to find data and how to analyse it
  • How to use data and analysis to influence future marketing efforts.

Each week will include a 1-2hr training session and worksheets based on covered topics and an additional 30-minute Q&A session.

Content Training

2 hour session


Have you ever been stuck when it comes to putting out content? Or maybe you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start? This two-hour session is just what you need to build your content creation toolkit.


  • The different content types for your chosen channel(s)
  • How to tailor content to your audience
  • How to schedule content

Need more tailored training? Get in touch to book a 30min call to discuss how we can work together to achieve your social media goals. Tailored training is available from £25 per hour

Unsure if you are ready to go full on into training? Check out my handy guides below (they’re free) .


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