The marketing world can be a difficult one to navigate and understand. That’s why I’m sharing my ABCs of Marketing, a small collection of the must know terms in the industry and the ones I use in my own business.


Ads: Paid content that promotes your business and its products or services.

Algorithm: a formula developed for a computer to perform a certain function, commonly used for the content promotion on social channels.

Analytics: the discovery, interpretation, and communication of patterns in data


Bio: A piece of text which describes who you are and what you do.

Brand: The personality and image of your business.


Call to Action (CTA): A piece of content that prompts a user to take an action, for example the image above.

Content: The material you use to market your business.


Data: Factual and measureable information, usually nurmerical, that form the basis of analysis and evaluation.

Demographics: Specific information and charcteristics of audience groups.

Direct Messages: Messages/Conversations which happen privately


Engagement Rate: A popular metric used to analyse interactions with content posted

Evaluation: Conveying of analytics in context of what it means for your business


Facebook Family: Social Media Channels owned and operated by Facebook. (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger)

Follower: Someone who follower/subscribes to your page in order to recieve your posts on social media.


Geotag: Geographic Coordinates which can be attached to content i.e. Tagging a location on Instagam.

Google: The most used search engine world wide.


Handle: The username/term users use to describe and find your business on social media i.e. @EmmaSoMedia

Hootsuite: Social Media Management tool used for scheduling and managing social media channels.


Instagram: The photo sharing network allowing users to share photos instantly on their mobile phones. Now features Instagram Live and Reels allowing users to share Video Content.

Inbound Marketing: A marketing methodology which involves attratcing audiences by creating content tailored to them.


Jargon: Words or expressions used by professions that are not commonly known.


Keyword: Ideas and topics that define content and webpages for search engines


Landing Page: The page in you aspire a user to land on when they visit your website.

Later: Another Social Media Management tool used for scheduling and managing social media channels commonly used for visual social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

LinkedIn: A social network for business professionals and business-orientated networking, now owned by microsoft.


Mobile Opitimisation: The formating and design of pages to ensure that they can be navigated on a mobile.

Mobile First: The act of designing a application/website for mobile users before computer and laptop devices.


News Feed: A users homepage where they see updates from those they follow.


On-page optmisation: A type of SEO which is based solely on a webpage and the various elements within the HTML


Page Views: The calculation detailing the number of times users view a page on a website/social media channel over time.

Pay Per Click (PPC): A way of advertising based on paying only for an add on social channels once a user clicks on it.

Persona: A representation of your ideal client including their demographics, goals and challenges/pain points.


Re-tweet: When someone on Twitter sees your message and decides to share it with their followers


Search Engine Optimisation: The process of improving the volume of unpaid traffic to a website from search engines.

Social Media Marketing: Using social media channels to promote your business and its products/services.


Tag: Commonly used this allows users to create a link to the profile of the person shown in the picture or related to the post.

Twitter: The mirco-blogging social network allowing users to share real-time short status updates (under 280 characters) with their followers.

Trends: Popular topics discussed and shared either locally, nationally or gloabally.


User Generated Content: Content that is made by those who use or interact with your brand.


Viral: An instance in which a piece of content achieves noteworthy awareness. Usually done through users sharing across the web.


Word of mouth: The passing of information, thoughts and ideas from person to person.

Website: A series of digital information pages based on a subject, person or business.


Youtube: Video sharing platform operated by Google. 2nd most viewed website in the world.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is just a small collection of terms used in the industry so it’s alsways best practice to have a Google and discover other terms afterall every list is different.

If you need help or guidance with anything I’ve mentioned please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Alternatively you can view some of my other guides below.

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