I’ve now been a freelancer for 2 years in some form of fashion. So for this post I thought I would share a quick insight on why I became a freelancer which can be summoned down to two points: necessity and flexibility.


I never really planned on being a freelancer straight out of university. Sure I had thought about it, but it was always something I planned for further down the line. For the time in my life where I would have all the experience and just want a shot of flexibility as I grew old, but as it turned out the freelance/self-employed life spung upon me.

It all started when I became an intern at StormID in Edinburgh. It was the first year they had ever done an internship and as such they operated my time with them as a proof of concept which included how I was employed with them. A condition for which was that I would be that of a contactor, thus resulting in me registering as self-employed. After that everything happened organically and I haven’t looked back. If anything, having to become a freelancer out of necesity is the reason I am where I am today.

This necessity of course had another advantage other than employment and that is flexibility.


The flexibility of being self-employed is most likely the most popular benefit you know of and in my case the flexibility of it is what I love about being a freelancer.

Being based in Moray, a rural community, flexibility means being able to work anywhere and at any time. By essentially being my own boss I can set when and where I work and also how much work I do each day. Which is great for those like me who can be productive at different/multiple times of the day. The power of flexibility also means I can pick and choose what I do and only work on projects that I can get into.

However I should note that this flexibility doesn’t suit everyone. I can even say that sometimes there are moments where I stuggle with finding the right zone to get into to work in this degree.

With that note, thats a short insight on why I became a freelancer. If you want to learn more get in touch. Alternatively take a look at the related posts below.

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