We spend many years of our lives focused on learning what we need to get by in life, but when was the last time you learned something just because you wanted to? In the ever-changing world we are in right now I fully believe that no matter what point you are at in life you can and should keep learning. Here are my reasons why…

  1. Keeps you up to date and ensures relevancy in your value to an organisation, industry or sector
  2. Helps you to discover your niche/expert area
  3. Develop new skills
  4. Keeps the brain active

Keeps you up to date and ensures relevancy in your value to an organisation, industry or sector.

Being up to date and, even if you can, ahead in your chosen niche will ensure that you are always bringing value to your role and the overall influence you have on decisions. Experts in the industry are experts because they keep learning, applying and adapting their skills to ensure they stay on top of the curve.

Helps you to discover your niche/expert area

While it is advantageous to have a broad knowledge of your industry, it’s even better if you have a specialism/niche. Sometimes finding this is only possible through learning on your own and discovering it for yourself.

Develop new skills

This one goes without saying. By learning you develop your skills, whether its an old one or a new one.

Something wonderful happens when you’re focused on the most important skill, is that you start to get better at all of your other skills, because your mind is into improvement

Brian Tracy (Business Coach and Author)

The development of new skills can also help you learn new ways of thinking about problems and solutions. As Brian Tracy states learning one skill can actually help your other skills which if you think about life makes perfect sense. For example by learning to talk we learn to communicate, our ability to communicate allows us to learn new skills such as learning to read, which in turn affects our ability to interpret information.

Keeps the brain active

This is probably the most important reason for me. Learning keeps your brain active and open to new challenges and experiences. If you don’t keep your brain active and open to possibilities life can pass you by and you may feel like you haven’t been successful in life.

Side Note

It is important to know that learning does not have to be work-related. While we are conditioned to think of learning in this way you can focus learning on a hobby or area of interest. So if you want to learn to sew, do it, want to learn about another industry, do it.

I’ve been interested in Greek mythology for years however it’s only in the past few years that I’ve got really into it. By delving into my area of interest I have a greater understanding of how mythologies in general impact life and I have a greater appreciation for ancient art. It allowed me to get back into reading which has been a lifesaver in this Covid-19 landscape we are in.

Ultimately learning helps us become better versions of ourselves. By tailoring our learning to what we are passionate or want to know more about we grow as individuals. This growth opens opportunities and makes us who we are. So next time you are debating whether to do something new take some advice from someone I know personally who says ‘are you waiting for it to happen or making it happen’.

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