Having now been part of the digital marketing world for six months I feel it time that I share my guide to what apps/software to use to get you started.

The Infographic

For those that are up for a quick read, the infographic below summarises what app/software I go into detail about later on.


The Guide


To help get you started in content creation or for those quick graphics, Canva is your friend. Its simple to use interface makes creating any style or size of graphic easy and painless. Plus its free to use, though there are pricing options should you want advanced features. For an example of what can be created in Canva look no further than the infographic above.

Canva has ultimately been my lifesaver the past few months and it is used throughout the industry so don’t be afraid to try it out for yourself

Side Note: While Canva is amazing, you should also learn other content creation software such as the Adobe collection e.g. photoshop and illustrator.


There is a vast amount of scheduling software online but my personal favourite is Later formally known as latergram. Scheduling can save you tons of time and ensures social media updates can be done anywhere at any time without you having to log in to multiple social media channels at once. While HootSuite is more commonly used its interface can be challenging to learn. Later, on the other hand, has a drag and drop interface which allows you to more accurately set the time and dates for your posts. Also, its mobile app syncs with its desktop counterpart with ease.

When I experimented with HootSuite its mobile app did not want to sync which is why I turned to Later.

Also if you pay for more advanced features you can search for hashtags or social media accounts and quickly repost to your own channels. What’s more you can direct your audience to any section of your site or online store through their LinkedInBio service.


I cannot stress enough how much you will need to learn at least one content management system. So I suggest WordPress.

If you haven’t heard of WordPress already you really need to research it. It is currently the most used Content Management System. With multiple pricing strategies and an array of templates, WordPress allows anyone to create, publish and manage their own blog or websites. Its new interface makes it easy to use and if you need a more in-depth view of the behind the scenes just add /wp-admin to the end of your websites name to access the old dashboard. This view can provide you with more features but everything you mostly use is on the new interface so you may never need to access the old one.

HubSpot Academy

If you are wanting to study the craft that is digital marketing without searching through all the blogs etc. HubSpot Academy is great. It has courses about all areas of the industry including content marketing, these courses are taugh via video though if you prefer text-based learning you can download each section of the course and a revision guide. Once you have completed each course you can add the certification to your LinkedIn or print it off for offline usage. Here is an example of how the certification appears.

It really is a fantastic way to get your feet through the door or even refresh the knowledge you already know.

So there you have it, my guide to getting you started in digital marketing!

Comment below with your thoughts on how these apps have shaped your journey.

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