When I grew up there was always different things I wanted to be and do and today I am going to share some of them with you. Don’t ask me why, I just am. Maybe it will help you know that it’s okay to want to be different things until you find what is right for you.

Famous Dreams

For the longest time I wanted to be a singer/actress. It’s something thats always stuck with me. I know its a very typical thing to want but it’s honestly the dream, one which I fully well know will stay like that. The closest I will ever get is my work with Irn Bru but that doesn’t stop me having a SoundCloud account or dabbling in acting when needed. If there is one famous thing I never wanted to be, it’s a model. It was never my thing despite what my pictures on Instagram might suggest.

SMBE Soundcloud Banner

Teenage Dreams

When I moved into my teenage years my career goals started to change. While the dream was still in my head, my high school made it difficult for me to pursue them more so I had to start being realistic. I can tell you now with every school year that went by my mind changed but these are the ones that I remember better than others.

  • Writer
    • I loved writing stories and considered doing an English Lit degree for the longest time. There was just something about writing that I loved, it allowed me to explore the lives of different characters, though I can tell you that in the majority of my stories they died or someone close to them died in horrific ways. My work’s were dark and twisted. Once I left school I started writing poetry to deal with all my thoughts.
  • Chemist
    •  During my 3rd and 4th years one of my favourite subjects was Chemistry and for a while I even considered it to be a possible career choice. My teacher even said I had a gift for it, I mean I used to know every symbol for every element on the periodic table. I know thats not all that cool but it was one of my greatest achievements at the time.
  • Designer/ something in Graphics
    • Whilst after deciding I didn’t want to be a chemist I wanted to be a designer. Throughout high school my all time favourite subject was Graphic Communications. I loved it, I even still have my 5th year portfolio. My love for graph comm was part of my inspiration for doing my original undergraduate degree Computing Graphics and Animation (CGA). Another inspiration came from my love for computing and I felt this undergraduate really merged both of these loves together. However as we all know this aspiration ended within one year of my university life.

Undergrad Results

Business Dreams

While my first choice for university was CGA, my second choice was Business. It was something my mum had suggested I studied at school (I hated it at first) and after figuring out the graphics life wasn’t for me, it was the only thing left to delve into. So I did and my trait of changing my career every year started all over again. Over the three years of my undergrad I had three main aspirations: Interface Design, Business Analyst and Project Management. AGAIN as we all know these never worked out either and this is where we get to me deciding to become a digital marketer. For more details on that check out these posts:

Why I did a Digital Marketing Masters? 

Out of the Woods!

So there we have it. My list of career goals I have had in my 23 years of life and I am sure that as I continue to age (sad face) I will want to become more than just an assistant. And if you are stuck with planning what career you want and if there is one thing I have learned; it is that it is okay and the right career will come to you (though you still have to do some work to get there).


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