Now looking back, I can positively tell the truth about why I took a year out of looking for a job and going back to university to study my Masters. I had spent the majority of my life in education and leaving it was much harder than I had imagined, it didn’t help that I had no clear direction about what I wanted to do with myself. (Something I later came to realise was okay, I was just looking in the wrong direction.)

Sure at the start I was actively involved with the whole ‘job hunt now that I was part of real adult life’ but the more knockbacks I got the more, I doubted everything I knew. Everyone around me seemed to make it look easy and I can honestly say I got to the point that I took the rejection personally. I could not work out what was wrong with me, why I wasn’t landing anything I applied for. Then it just hit me, it was time to revaluate my options and my career. My re-evaluation taught me that I was simply more geared for another type of industry than previously assumed and with that in mind I decided on going back to university to study Digital Marketing. Something different yet not a big leap from what I knew. So I worked a retail job and took the time to get to know who I was outside of education.

My year out also allowed me to enjoy experiences that were given to me. From finally viewing Hogwarts in Orlando, to traveling with the family and even completing the North Coast 500. I also rediscovered old hobbies and reformed old friendships. After spending four years purely focused on my end goal it was truly refreshing just to focus on the enjoyment of life.

So looking back now, I don’t regret my choices, I don’t regret giving up or giving myself a new direction instead I look forward to whats to come. I’m out of the woods and finally clean.

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