While I spend my life in the social sphere I probably spend just as much time on my non-social apps. For me everyone should have apps that allow them to have an escape from the chaos of social channels while fulfilling our seemly inbuilt need to always be on our phones. That’s is why this post is all about my top non-social apps.

Health Apps


I’ve had a FitBit since 2016 but I have only started paying attention to what it can mean for my health in the past year. Part of that may be that I switched from the Alta to the Charge 3. With this change I discovered the full potiential that FitBit can provide me and the effects of this has been noticable. I find myself being more active and aiming for my goals everyday, tracking my gym workouts and my sleep. I also use it to analyse my mentstal cycle (sorry guys out there who weren’t expecting this) which proved super helpful when speaking with my doctor. In short it’s a nice way to keep myself motivated health wise even when I have no motivation to do anything else.


I’m sure at this point in time you have either heard abotu Calm or the alternative Headspace. While I have used both I prefer Calm. Calm is a great way to develop mindfulness. I mostly use it to help me sleep when I am travelling however I do use it every now and then for meditations or just to listen to their array of background noices that aren’t music. Sometimes the sound of chrupping birds and rainfall can sooth the soul.



I listen to music alot, always have, so for me Spotify is a must! I have it on all of my devices so a music fix is never far away. I’m even listening to music writing this post. Spotify is also great for me because I, like many others, have got the podcast craze. (See my earlier post about the podcasts I listen to) What’s more music is one of my mindfulness techniques so the ability to have multiple playlists that I can download for offline use is awesome, plus I love discovering new music through my daily mix lists.


While not used as often as the rest on this list Netflix is another app I have on all my devices. I am afterall a millienial. For me I use my phone app at the gym or when travelling. I can just download everything I want to watch, watch it and be happy. That’s all there is to say on that.



I love to take notes, so for those times I don’t have a notebook to hand I use Keep notes. What’s great about Keep is that because it’s a google creation I can use it cross device. I even use Keep to think of blog posts before fully stetching them out on a notebook and at times doddle. The main seelign point for me is also that I can colour code my notes, pin those that are important and store different types of notes including audio, pictures and to do lists.

PuzzlePage and Microsoft Solitaire

I am a causal mobile gamer. I ain’t ashamed to admit it but rather than play the likes of candy crush etc I play puzzle games. They keep my mind active and can overcome those moments (hours) of boredom. I use PuzzlePage and Solitaire the most because they have daily puzzels/challenges alongside the ability to just play one style of puzzle. That way I’m always entertained.

So there you have it, my top non-social apps. What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite non-social app? Let me know.

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  1. My number one is Fitbit too ! I looove it ! I started to use it in 2014. I connected my Bitmoji with Fitbit and when I look at my Ionic watch, the images of the Bitmoji changes 🤗. I also use SoundCloud for music. Non-social media apps are great !


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